How to follow up on the reception of the beneficiary?

Review of the Hosting Project

The PAUSE programme requests a detailed evaluation from the institution and the laureate at the end of the hosting project.


These reporting forms are to be filled in online from your respective Institution and Laureate accounts.


Platform for submitting reports on the hosting of scientists or artists

Financial report

At the end of the contract, the host institution must send to the PAUSE programme a financial report, including a precise financial summary justifying the use of the grant. The expenditure must be in line with what was indicated in the provisional budget.


If, for various reasons, the agreement is terminated prematurely by the institution or the laureate, the PAUSE programme may request a partial reimbursement of the co-funding.


Next call for applications:

Opening of the call for applications : late August 2024

Deadline for applications : September 26, 2024