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In many countries, researchers and artists are unable to work freely and are forced into exile. This is why PAUSE has been providing support since 2017 to enable them to pursue their work.


Through incentive funding, we allow scientists and artists in exile to be hosted in higher education, research and culural institutions in France. We also help them with administrative procedures and provide support with finding employment.


These researchers and artists are in crisis situations and need our help. By offering them our assistance we are safeguarding knowledge and research which can benefit us all.

Because they nourish critical thinking and free thought, broaden our perspectives, create a space for peaceful dissent and challenge prejudices, researchers, intellectuals, and artists are both the first targets in countries plagued by war or political, ethnic, or religious persecution, and the best bulwarks against fundamentalism and obscurantism of all kinds.


When they are threatened, censored, dismissed, imprisoned, tortured or executed for their work or for expressing their opinions, artistic and academic freedoms as well as scientific and social progress are at risk.

at risk

A programme providing
a pause for scientists
and artists in exile

PAUSE programme protects and hosts scientists and artists who are prevented from pursuing their activities in their country of origin. It hosts them for sufficiently long periods to enable them to integrate, pursue their research and provide security for their families.


• We co-fund institutions seeking to host a scientist or artist forced into exile through three calls for applications per year.
• We assist scientists and artists with identifying a host institution.
• We help beneficiaries access the services to which they are legally entitled.
• We support beneficiaries who have completed the program with finding long-term employment. This support can take the form of help with building up their networks, accessing training or even making a career move to another sector.
• We carry out advocacy work to uphold academic and artistic freedoms and protect scientists and artists in exile.
• We facilitate exchanges with similar programs abroad and with European and international stakeholders working to help at-risk scientists and artists.


PAUSE receives funding from public bodies as well as the economic community and civil society.


You can help to grow the program by making a donation or becoming a sponsor or partner.