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Partnership can take several forms: a donation for hosting researchers, skills mentoring, or promotion of researchers’ work. We can work together to find the best way to reflect your company or organization’s values.

By becoming a PAUSE programme partner:

  • You involve your organization with a program of solidarity and excellence with humanistic values
  • You become part of the circle of partners and, with your agreement, you appear on the PAUSE programme's communications
  • You awaken your staff to promising research through the possibility of meetings or collaborative projects with the program's beneficiaries
  • You become a stakeholder in the attractiveness of France by developing innovation and research in numerous institutions throughout the country
  • You provide financial stimulus for an international research network, vector of concrete progress

Urgent hosting of foreign at-risk researchers is a duty of hospitality which extends beyond the academic community. Donations and support are vital in order to enable these scientists and artists to resume their research and to disseminate and share their work.


Alain Prochiantz & Edith Heard, Co-Chairs of the PAUSE programme Support Committee


    PAUSE's partners

    €30,000 can provide security for an at-risk scientist or artist and support their integration into a team within a French institution.

    Tax benefits:

    60 % of the amount donated can be deducted from corporate tax up to a cap of 0.5 % of turnover. Over this limit, it is possible to spread the surplus over the next five financial years on the same terms.

    For further information about a personalized partnership, contact our fundraising teams:

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