Ukraine : A call for the mobilization of the artistic and scientific community

21 Mar 2022 | News

In response to the military invasion of Russia in Ukraine, which represents a violation of the international law, the Association Nationale Des Écoles Supérieures d’Art (ANdEA), the Atelier des Artistes en Exil (AA-E), the Cité Internationale de Arts de Paris and the PAUSE program, hosted by the Collège de France, joined their forces to the French authorities and the international community to condemn these acts of war. The war does not belong in Europe, or anywhere else. While the conflict could translate into the exile of five million people, it is estimated that three million people are already displaced, which constitutes the biggest movement of people in Europe since 1945. Regarding this tragic context, our duty is to get the resources to help the affected population.


We call on of the whole French artistic community to mobilise in order to enable the artists, creators, professors, researchers and art students forced to flee or unable go back to their country, to find a safe refuge for them and their family in France. Our four structures, which are already involved in hosting policies for artists affected by crisis, wars, and persecutions, are standing with the institutions under the authority of the Ministry of Culture to support their emergency hosting projects (accommodations, means of subsistence or work contract, creative spaces), and to help the connecting.


With regards to artists impacted by the war, the PAUSE program organises the 3-month hosting of artists and cultural professionals and their families in residencies that are part of the network of establishments under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and in certified structures. With the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Cité Internationale des Arts provides workshops-housing in Paris, and also wishes to offer access to residencies in other regions in France, through partner structures.


With regards to art and design students, numerous French art schools are committed to contribute to their hosting, and of their family if necessary, by mobilising themselves in order to create safe spaces, to give them means of subsistence, a work environment and a visibility for their struggle.


The AA-E coordinates the applications and performs a monitoring of the people welcomed on the French territory. To this end, it has created a platform to welcome, orientate, and give advice and reliable and verified responses, in Ukrainian and Russian. The AA-E also offers French courses, juridical advice, and a support for the integration into the artistic networks.


PAUSE, the AA-E, the ANdEA and the Cité Internationale des Arts are organising the connexion points in order for people affected to receive this message.


We must emphasize the fundamental right of each individual to seek refuge, regardless of his country of origin and his nationality. More than a right, it represents a necessity and, it is our duty to make every effort to enable a decent welcome.


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French Hosting program for Scientists and Artists in Exile (PAUSE)

The PAUSE program launches a Special Emergency Fund for artists and cultural professionals affected by the war in Ukraine. An emergency support for the funding of the artists and cultural professionals’ stay , and their family if necessary, for a 3-months period, is offered to the voluntary institutions.

More information about the Special Emergency Fund for Culture PAUSE – Solidarity Ukraine
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Hotlines Atelier des Artistes en Exil (AA-E)
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Hotline for the Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals :
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Association Nationale des Ecoles d’Art et design (ANdEA)