PAUSE-ANR : A coordinated program for the support of Ukrainian scientists

13 Apr 2022 | News

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the PAUSE program, hosted by the Collège de France, has launched a special PAUSE-Ukraine program with the support of the French ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI). This initiative was created to support the emergency hosting of Ukrainian scientists for a 3-months period.


At the same time, the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) has launched an assistance plan to identify the needs and provide support to the scientific community when facing difficulties in the development of projects due to the situation in Ukraine (PhD period’s extension, hosting of researchers…).

Under the auspices of the French ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and in order to support and strengthen the hosting of Ukrainian scientists in French laboratories, the PAUSE-Ukraine program and the ANR are creating a jointly coordinated plan :

  • The PAUSE-Ukraine program is the only point of entry for the institutions wishing to host a Ukrainian scientist.
  • The PAUSE-Ukraine program is in charge of the applications’ primary examination, with the support of the ministerial departments.
  • If the selected application can be hosted within the framework of an ANR research project, the ANR will offer a financial support (without additional examination of the application) for an additional 6-months for the hosting of the researcher, following the support of the PAUSE-Ukraine program.
  • If the selected application cannot be incorporated into an ANR research project, it will be evaluated within the framework of the PAUSE program, which will provide the required financial support after the examination process.


This program will be implemented in collaboration with the National Research Foundation of Ukraine in order to enable the return of these scientists to Ukraine when the situation will allow it. The aim of this program is to enable Ukrainian scientists to pursue their research in France and to consider future collaborations with the aim of rebuilding Ukrainian research capacities.


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Since 2017, the French Hosting program for Scientists and Artists in Exile (PAUSE) protects and supports scientists and artists who can no longer freely exercise their professional activity in their country of origin, and who are therefore forced into exile. Through incentive funding, the PAUSE program enables the hosting of scientists and artists in exile in higher education and/or research establishments and cultural institutions in France in order for them to protect themselves and their family, and to pursue their research. The PAUSE program also supports the hosting institutions and the laureates in their socio-professional insertion. Additionally, the program conducts advocacy activities for the preservation of academic and artistic freedoms.

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The Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) is the funding agency for research projects in France. This public institution placed under the supervision of the French Ministry in charge of Research has the mission to finance and promote the development of fundamental and finalised research; technical innovation and technological transfer, as well as the partnerships between public and private research teams at the national, European and international levels. The ANR is also the main operator of the investment programs for the future (PIA 1, 2, 3 and 4) in the higher education and research area. In this framework, it is responsible for the selection, the funding and the monitoring of these projects, including the actions of excellence initiatives, research infrastructures and the support of progress and the promotion of research. The ANR is certified ISO 9001 for all the process linked to the “project selection”.

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