The PAUSE programme launches a donation appeal

22 Dec 2022 | News

In many countries, scientists and artists cannot practice their profession freely and are forced into exile. That is why, since 2017, the PAUSE program has provided more than 900 fundings to enable them to continue their work. Since March 2022, the PAUSE program has also set up Ukraine Solidarity emergency funds which have allowed, within the framework of these financings, the hosting in France of nearly 200 scientists and artists forced to flee the war in Ukraine.

Through incentive funding, we enable the hosting of laureates in higher education and research establishments as well as in structures accredited by the French Ministry of Culture. We also support their social and professional integration.

As the war continues in Ukraine and the situation keeps deteriorating in many other regions of the world, these scientists and artists are facing dramatic situations that require our mobilization.

By choosing to help them :

  • You secure the lives of scientists and artists in exile and that of their families.
  • You defend academic and artistic freedom by supporting a solidarity program with humanist values.
  • You contribute to the preservation of the world's cultural and scientific heritage.
  • You financially stimulate an international research network, a vector of scientific progress.
  • You become a player in France's attractiveness by developing innovation and research in numerous establishments throughout the country.
  • You offer scientists and artists the opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of their country when the time comes.

The PAUSE program calls for the support of all civil society actors to respond to the urgency and magnitude of the needs.

Donations can be made via our subscription fund at the Fondation de France:

We count on each and every one of you to relay this call for donations as widely as possible within your networks.