A look back at PAUSE Network Day 2024 !

29 May 2024 | News, Events

Watch the 2024 edition of the PAUSE Network Day, an annual event of the programme held at the Collège de France.

The PAUSE Network Day is an annual event held by the French hosting programme for scientists and artists in exile (PAUSE programme) at the Collège de France. It brings together all the programme's stakeholders: PAUSE laureates, their host institutions, members of the programme's evaluation and support committees, and the public authorities that sponsor the program.

Produced by Kristina Borhes, an independent Ukrainian documentarist supported by PAUSE and co-founder of MZM Projects, this video looks back at the 2024 edition of this Network Day held on March 29 at the Collège de France. The event brought together over 200 participants around fruitful discussions and exchanges.

As part of this Network Day, the PAUSE programme held a round table open to the public entitled "From the Americas to the Middle East, what impediments to academic and artistic freedom?” moderated by the sociologist Gisèle Sapiro, director of research at CNRS and EHESS and member of the PAUSE programme's evaluation and support committees. This round table brought together four of the programme's scientific and artistic laureates to share the constraints they have encountered in pursuing their research project and artistic creations in their home countries.

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