Where to submit an application?

To read before submitting an application

Applications must be completed and submitted online by host institutions on the dedicated platform.

The application must be submitted in the form corresponding to the status of the applicant (First application or Renewal; scientist, doctoral student or artist). All required fields must be carefully filled in and must not refer to an attachment. Any incomplete application will be considered ineligible and will thus not be submitted for evaluation. It is in the interest of the candidates that the host institution accurately fills in the application form in order to allow an exhaustive analysis of the application.

The submission of supporting documents does not exempt the completion of required fields.

NB / Any application for a renewal of co-financing will be admissible only if all the administrative elements related to the first contract (or 2nd in the case of doctoral students) have been sent to the executive management of the PAUSE Program.

Download the user manual of the application platform

PAUSE - ANR partnership: Institutions applying for a Ukrainian scientist whose proposed research project is funded by the ANR, are requested to specify it in the "Hosting project" part of the application form (Question: What will be the research and/or teaching responsibilities of the candidate within the institution?)

Extension of 6 months for Ukrainian scholars and artists laureates of session 2 - 2022: If your institution has obtained a co-funding from the PAUSE program in spring 2022 to host Ukrainian scholars or artists for a period of 6 months, you are eligible to extend this co-funding for another 6 months (i.e. a total funding of one year).

This extension does not require a renewal application in the framework of the current call for applications and is subject to a simplified procedure.

Consult the simplified procedure

For Ukrainian researchers and artists who have already benefited from 2 periods of 6 months of co-funding, an application for a renewal of co-funding can be submitted (via the "renewal" tab on the platform), for a period of 1 year.

Where to submit an application?

Three calls for applications are held annually.

An emergency procedure can be invoked in exceptional circumstances if the applicant’s life or freedom is in immediate danger. The application will then be evaluated separately from the annual calls for applications. If you want to use this procedure, please contact the PAUSE team.

Calls for applications - Hosting institutions

Deadline for applications : April 13, 2023