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The French hosting program for scientists and artists in exile (PAUSE program) opens a special emergency fund for artists and cultural professionals affected by the war in Ukraine thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Culture.

An emergency aid allowing to finance the stay of an artist or cultural professional, and his/her family if necessary, for a period of three months is proposed to voluntary French cultural institutions. The corresponding amount will be a flat rate and indexed to the number of people in the family unit hosted (single person, couple, family).

The purpose of this emergency aid in France is to allow the artist to have the time to prepare an application to the PAUSE program, in collaboration with a host institution, according to the regular procedures and criteria of the program, based on co-funding.

Cultural professionals are not eligible to PAUSE’s calls for applications (regular procedures). Their host institutions will not be able to apply to PAUSE program after this 3-month emergency fund. It will be up to them to accompany the beneficiaries to other professional opportunities.

Find out more about this special fund for culture PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine

How to apply?

The application form must be completed online by the host institution, along with the following documents:

  • A letter of commitment from the head of the school committing to host the artist or cultural professional for a period of three months;
  • A bank account number of the host institution;
  • A copy of the passport or, failing that, the identity card of the artist or cultural professional and the members of his or her family, if applicable;
  • A curriculum vitae and/or portfolio of the artist or cultural professional.

Access to the application platform

Security and confidentiality

In order to protect against any interception of communications that could compromise the security of applicants, we recommend that host institutions and applicants use secure messaging services for their communications. It is strongly recommended that end-to-end encrypted solutions be used, such as Olvid or Signal for telephone exchanges and ProtonMail or Tutanota for email exchanges.

Volunteer Institutions

If your institution would like to volunteer to host an artist at risk, but you do not have direct contacts, please contact the PAUSE program at so that we can connect you with a candidate who does not have a host institution.

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